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Presentations are prerecorded talks of 10 minutes. Presentations of similar topics will be grouped in sessions and participate in a dedicated webinar discussion. We allow for presentations in Spanish, French or Mandarin, besides English.  The audience will be able to access the videos with subtitles and interact with presenters asynchronously on the comment section of the presentation as well as live on the dedicated session’s webinar. These interactions will be in English only.

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A special session consists of at least four individual presentations (pre-recorded 10 minute videos). Participants interact asynchronously with the presenter in the comment section of individual presentations as well as live during a dedicated special session webinar panel.

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The focus of a webinar is debate. Panelists may make short statements after which there is a moderated discussion during which questions from the audience are addressed. The duration of the webinar is 1 hour.

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A methods workshop may be one panel session devoted to methods – i.e. demonstration and roundtable discussion of methods, or proposers may choose to have multiple sessions throughout the program.  The proposer may also suggest to run such a workshop before the official program and specify the total capacity.
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